The Dictionary of Art Historians ed altri esempi. Una breve rassegna e alcune considerazioni

Autor: Savio, Giulia

Veröffentlichungsdatum: 24 Nov 2011 14:26

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URN: urn:nbn:de:bvb:355-kuge-133-0


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Biographical and methodological information about art historians can be difficult to find. Tucked away in obscure obituaries or foreign-language Festschriften, the basics of where an art historian trained or who his/her major influence was, or even what methodology the scholarship employs are often impossible to discern. Now a lot of databases are designed to give researchers a beginning point to learning the background of major art historians of western art history. This paper is a comparison of art historians biographical dictionaries in France, U.S. and Italy. The aim of the study is to underline where we can find these type of publication and the connections with education and culture.


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