Education and learning in Museums 2.0 – German Museums and the Web 2.0

Autor: Bocatius, Bianca

Veröffentlichungsdatum: 15 Jun 2011 15:04

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This article focuses on the questions »What kind of Web 2.0 elements are already being used for Museum Education Services on-line?« and »How do German Museums use the Internet to enhance their Museum Education Services on-line?« Some case studies about Museum Education Services on the Internet will show the possibilities of on-line education and learning within the museums’ field. The Websites of the Jewish Museum in Berlin and the Städel Museum in Frankfurt represent best practice examples for the German museum’s world. The Brooklyn Museum in New York uses various Web 2.0 tools on its Website and builds a role model for the usage of Web 2.0 to fulfill museums’ objectives


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igure 1 Digital Museum Education of the Jewish Museum Berlin (Jewish Museum Berlin, WWW. Last access: 02.09.10.)