The language of archive between digital and material: Mouseion Serapeion and Jaques [DƷeiˈkwiz]

Bovcon, Narvika and Vaupotic, Ales

Conference or Workshop Item

Networked Humanities, Acquafredda di Maratea, Italien, 9.-14. Oktober 2010




The paper indicates multiple theoretical approaches to the studies of archives in order to construct a methodology for studying new media objects and mixed reality phenomena. The theoretical framework is applied to several experimental projects that combine scholarly research with artistic production. VideoSpace is an archive presented as an interactive virtual reality. Mouseion Serapeion is a smart video archive realized as an interactive DVD-ROM and a website. Jaques is an exhibition, which combines three projects: together they address the problem of materialization of the new media object from multiple points of view.

Epochs/Topics: 21. Jahrhundert

Types of Text: Tagungsbeiträge

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Bovcon, Narvika and Vaupotic, Ales: The language of archive between digital and material: Mouseion Serapeion and Jaques [DƷeiˈkwiz]. In: Kunstgeschichte. Open Peer Reviewed Journal, 2011 (urn:nbn:de:bvb:355-kuge-162-0)

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